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The People We Elect Affect Our Mental Health Care

October 21, 2020

OCT. 19, 2020 By Brandon Graham   I remember one of the first times I canvassed on behalf of a candidate for elected office. If you’re not familiar with the ins-and-outs of a political campaign, one piece of a successful operation is contacting potential voters directly. If you’ve ever received a phone call or text message from more »

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Ways You Can Encourage Your Community To Get Out The Vote

October 19, 2020

OCT. 16, 2020 By Kimberley Carroll-Cox   In any election, the goal of the candidate is to win. Because of this, they often do not adequately reach out and engage voters. Those who do not show up to the polls in years prior are brushed off as “unlikely voters” and are no longer pursued in attempts to more »

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It’s Not “Just” Anxiety

October 16, 2020

OCT. 07, 2020 By Jessica Walthall   In some ways, I long for the days when I thought I was “just” anxious — when my anxiety simply fueled my perfectionism. Sure, I’d have plenty of late nights completing school projects at the last minute due to the weight of my own high expectations. But overall, it felt more »

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Why Everything is a Mental Health Issue When You Cast Your Ballot

October 14, 2020

OCT. 14, 2020 By Katherine Ponte, BA, JD, MBA, CPRP Never have our mental health system’s shortcomings been clearer. According to a recent poll, 8 in 10 Americans say that COVID-19 has impacted their mental health, with many being unable to getthe help they need. The same poll showed that 91% want their elected officials to focus more on more »

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5 Things I Wish My Loved Ones Knew About Dissociation

October 9, 2020

OCT. 06, 2020 By Allie Cotterman Have you ever been driving and suddenly realized you didn’t remember the last ten minutes of your drive? Have you ever been in a conversation and recognize you haven’t heard a word the other person just said? Ever daydreamed through a lecture at school? Almost everyone has had their “autopilot” activated more »

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