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NAMI Story

by Mandi Sonnenfeld

               NAMI has made a great impact on my life. February of last year I was diagnosed with bipolar mania with catatonia. This was shocking both for me and my family.  Previously I was a high functioning mother going to school to get my PhD. After my two hospitalizations, I was discharged and not sure what to do. I remembered my counselor at the hospital mentioned NAMI, so I sought them out via an internet search.

               I attended the meeting despite my fear of seeing someone I might know. I did not want any one to know I had a mental illness, plus I had lost my ability to adequately socially interact with other people. However, when I entered my first NAMI meeting, I was met with smiles, support and a non- judgmental environment. I suddenly moved away from fear to comfort in knowing I made the right decision to come. The group leader helped me sort out my complicated feelings that I had in dealing with my new diagnosis. I felt that I was not alone in my illness and I had someone else to help and guide me through. If it had not been for NAMI I would have continued to feel alone and scared.

               Now a year later, NAMI continues to help me in my growth as a person with mental illness. First, NAMI has provided empowerment for me to not just accept my bipolar disorder but to embrace it. Second, I chose to make the best of my life. I learned this from NAMI. Third, in the future I hope to advocate for mental health to decrease the stigma persons with mental illness have to deal with. I know that NAMI again will help with me with my growth process in my advocacy journey.

               I now identify myself as a confident and supported individual ready to face the challenges of the next day and beyond. I am rewriting my story with NAMI being a central component in moving forward with my bipolar disorder. I am so grateful for NAMI!

In The News: NAMI Gulf Coast

November 26, 2019

At the NAMI Texas Conference earlier this month, Brazoria County’s very own Mental Health Deputy, Shane Vandergrifft, was honored with the Mental Health Professional of the Year Award. Shane has gone above and beyond his call to duty through his efforts to gather suicide data in the county, and to identify trends in activity so that working solutions can be developed in a more timely fashion. Shane also serves on the Read More

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